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NOW I UNDERSTAND  launches new web site to better serve our combat veteran community

Now I understand to add Speakers to it Speakers Bureau to begin booking in fall 2013

Mr. Butts to lecture at YTI technical School to teacher and administration to better understand combat veterans and veterans in general on May 30

Mr. Butts and Athena D'Uva President of Military Association Benefits Group to tour possible site for planned United States Veteran Educational Center facility in Altoona, Pa on the 22th of April. The facility is the former Bon-Secours hospital having approx. 400,000 sq ft with chopper landing pad. The facility would be the first of its kind high tech veterans educational center for returning from theatre veterans and would focus on STEM training with real time government contracts under the direction of major government contractors contracts. The USEVC will link major universities, colleges and certified trade schools into the facility through advanced video to video collaboration networks allowing veterans to take classes real time as if they were at that school while working on real time projects for practical experience with some of the greatest mind in STEM.
Mr. Butts and Cirina Catania to launch After Action In-Depth TV a series if In-Depth interviews with leading experts regarding important subjects to veterans, troops and their families. The show will be produced by Cirina Catania from Hollywood and will be a west coast production. After Action In-Depth will be shot on location with combat veterans and their families as well as the experts who interface with them upon their return home.

Mr. Butts to lecture at SUNY State College of New York Oswego on September 24, 2013 on medical health issues and the military. The lecture was set by Professor Barbara Street Ph.D, L.P. This will be the third lecture for Mr. Butts to the students at SUNY for Professor Streets.

Mr. Butts and Ms. D'Uva from Military Association Benefits Group, Inc. completed the walk though at the former Bon-Secours hospital for review as the site of the new United States Veterans Educational Institute in Altoona PA. The walk though proved the facility was approved for the Institute by Mr. Butts who is spearheading this project and the project was received with enthusiasm from the Director of  Facilities from Altoona Regional Hospital the current owner of the facility.

Mr. Butts is scheduled to meet with the CEO, COO and CFO of Altoona Region Hospital who own the former Bon-Secours Hospital regarding the effect the Institute will have on the area and veterans and the over all usage of the facility. Mr. Butts is spearheading this effort.

Mr. Butts met with the Altoona Regional Hospital and presented the vision of the United States Veteran Educational Institute and the plans for the former Bon-Secours Hospital. Also attending were the President and Vice President of the Economic Development Commission for Altoona/Blair County. It was agreed by all that this was an incredible and much needed project and approved by all.

Mr. Butts confirmed that NOW I UNDERSTAND has agreed to provide and utilize the new lecture hall for his main lecture and broadcast center for seminars and lectures. The lecture hall which will seat in excess of 1000 people will be named the Dennis M. Butts-Now I Understand Lecture Center.  

Mr. Butts lectured at YTI on May 30, 2013 to staff and teachers on understanding combat veterans who are and will be attending YTI. YTI is a leading trade school in PA with five campuses. The lecture was held at the Altoona Pa facility and attended by over sixty staff and teachers. Mr. Butts has been ask to do lectures at other YTI schools.

Mr. Butts to be Key Note Speaker for the dedication of the memorial for the Children of  Pennsylvania Fallen Warriors on July 6, 2013 at the Curve Stadium in Altoona, Pa.  

Mr. Butts to be Key Note Speaker for the Veterans Administration on September 20, 2013 at 1 PM to honor POW's at the Altoona VA Hospital. The POW's are from WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. Mr. Butts considers it a real honor to speak at this event.

Mr. Butts to be Key Note Speaker for the Out of Darkness Walk for Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Blair County Pa. on September 21, 2013.

Now I Understand is launching a new series of seminars and lectures directed at the prevention of suicide with military veterans. The program will be headed by  Heather Carruthers. The new programs will be under a new division of Now I Understand  named Suicide Training & Orientation Programs, Inc. "STOP"  STOP will provide awareness and help organizations, universities, corporations and other groups that have veterans in their ranks to better understand the signs of early on set of suicide conditions and how to help the veterans obtain professional help. STOP will coordinate with other national programs such as TAPS and Defense Center of Excellence to develop guidelines for their programs. STOP will also work directly with the United States Veterans Educational Institute's PTSD and TBI Lab in relationship to new technology for the prevention and detection for suicide protocols. Assisting with this program will be General Charles Baldwin (RET) former Chief Chaplain of Air Force and Dr. Joe Mancusi former head of Phycology for all VA hospitals.

Heather Carruthers to join NIU as the Managing Director and Executive Director of STOP. Ms. Carruthers will be responsible for the over all management of NIU including scheduling, contracts, events and the NIU speakers bureau.

Mr. Butts to be Key Note Speaker for the dedication of the Bridge to Freedom in Altoona Pennsylvania on September 11, 2013. The bridge is being dedicated to the men of Blair county who gave the live in the war Iraq and Afghanistan.
Mr. Butts was the Key Note Speaker at the Veterans Administration MIA/POW event in Altoona, Pa. on September 20, 2013. The event was attended by over 250 people and nine WW II POW's.

Mr. Butts new series of Speeches titled FROM THE HEART will be available on CD in January 2014. The CD will feature his amazing inspirational and emotional speeches given during 2013.

Mr. Butts's amazing on-line video lectures regarding Understanding combat veterans will be available live beginning January 2014.

Mr. Butts met with his team regarding his inspirational Narrative/Play  "Beyond the Wall to Understanding" based on the book written by Alivia Tagliaferri Beyond the Wall the Journey Home. The Narrative/Play is a reading of the chapters of the book as written and then the emotional in-depth narrative of what happened. This is a very powerful presentation that grips the heart and the soul of the audience.  The Narrative/Play will begin production in January 2014.  

Now I Understand has moved into their new offices at 85 Logan Blvd, Altoona, Pa. 16602.

Heather Carruthers announces a STOP walk for Suicide  named Booths on the Ground to STOP Suicide to be held on May 17, 2014. 

Mr. Butts and Ms Karen Knight join together to due the Dramatic Narrative Play " Beyond the Wall". Ms. Knight will do the dramatic reading from the book about Mr.Butts,  Beyond the Wall the Journey Home and Mr.Butts will due a very emotional narrative of that readings. The first play is set for June 2014 at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pa.

Mr. Butts and Ms. Karen Knight will join together also on a series of lectures and Narratives Plays named Beyond the Wall the Journey to God.  The first of this series will be launched in April 2014. 

Now I Understand, Inc. in partnership with Military Entertainment Group, Inc. to produce the movie "Now I Understand" it is a full featured big budget movie. The movie screen play is being written by Cirina Catania of Hollywood fame and former Sr.VP and COO of United Artist World Wide. The music score will be written and sung by the famous Karen Knight and composed and engineered by Rocco D'Uva. The movie is planned for release in 2015. Heather Carruthers  Managing Director for Now I Understand will be handling all information request and coordination for the movie. 

ow I Understand will be opening it new location at 145 Glen Oaks Blvd, Suite 405, Burbank, CA 91502. The new office will be responsible for movies and other theatrical feature movies, independent Films, theatrical documentaries, TV series, Made for TV Movies, Reality TV and Internet Content all related to the mission of Now I Understand. 

Mr. Butts is back currently working on his emotional series of Narrative Plays which will include the following to be completed by 2015 and open on stages across the country in 2015.

Please Leave Me Memories, What Courage, My Biggest Fear, So Much Death, Honor the Code, The Camera, My Trip to Trenton, and Panel 17E.

These Narratives Plays will be compiled into a book which will be available both in soft cover and also on DVD. in  2015.

Mr. Butts is currently the Executive Consultant for The Honor Valor Courage Institute and Foundation Campus being planned and to be developed in Ebensburg, Pa. 

Now I Understand Promotion Group will responsible for the development of all promotions and advertising for the Honor Valor Courage Campus. The Campus is projected to be open in fall of 2016.

Mr. Butts will be speaking at several Memorial Day events in the central PA area this Memorial Day. Times and places to be announced  shortly.

The Now I Understand Promotions and Modeling Agency is currently looking and interview models for the HVC Promotional Program and Spokes Person. Please contact Promotions and Modeling  at

Now I Understand  Seminar, Lectures, Speeches and Play will be featured on the new on-line Honor Valor Courage Post Exchange, Inc.

Mr. Butts was the featured lectures for the students at SUNY State University of New York twice this month on the topic of Social Services and veterans issues.

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